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Home Insurance

If you have recently moved to Arkansas and are on the hunt for a home policy to secure your property or are looking to update your coverage, it is worth looking at what coverage options to expect. Providence Insurance Agency covers common home insurance policies that homeowners in the region should consider getting.

Content Coverage

Content coverage protects personal belongings in your home against damage resulting from fires, electrical faults, theft, and vandalism. If items such as electronics, furniture, and clothing get destroyed, content coverage will help you pay for their repair and replacement costs.

Dwelling Coverage

Dwelling coverage protects the structure of your home during incidents such as fire damage, hail destruction, and vandalism. Items covered by dwelling coverage include your home's walls, the floors, and attached structures such as built-in appliances. If your home suffers total loss, this policy will also compensate you for your expenses where such costs are covered in your insurance terms.

Liability Coverage

If you love entertaining friends in your home, liability coverage pays for expenses resulting from guest injuries such as hospital bills. Injuries can be related to pet bites or trip and fall accidents. If your guest’s property also gets damaged while visiting your premise, liability coverage will compensate you for any property damage costs that you incur. In addition to this, liability coverage ensures that lawsuit costs such as legal fees are catered to.

Medical Coverage

Medical coverage pays for the medical expenses arising from guest injuries, acting as additional coverage or a substitute policy where liability coverage is not available. Just like a liability policy, this coverage is restricted to guest bodily harm that happens within your premises.

Home insurance for Arkansas residents will differ depending on the type of home you have and the type of personal belongings you need to be protected. To get home insurance tailored to suit your needs, call Providence Insurance Agency today.