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ATV/UTV Insurance

Arkansas is widely known for its rugged terrain encompassing mountains, caves, rivers, and hot springs. All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and Utility vehicles (UTVs) happen to be the ideal modes of transport for people and goods, respectively, in this state. Besides mobility, ATVs are also used for sporting activities. Here at Providence Insurance agency, we understand the challenge that comes with operating under such terrains. We offer the most reasonable insurance policies for ATVs and UTVs that will secure your interests as you go about your duties and hobbies.

Our insurance covers are tailor-made to suit your most urgent needs. They are designed to take care of possible occurrences that you are prone to encounter as you are riding or driving. Several options exist within the ATV and UTV insurance coverage. They include:

  • Bodily Injury Liability- If you cause an accident and someone suffers bodily harm, coverage can help pay for their medical bill.
  • Property damage liability- Assists in compensation of another person’s automobile or property when you cause an accident.
  • Comprehensive- Can help pay for damages to your ATV/UTV caused by a wide range of events, e.g., vandalism, theft, weather, and accidents.
  • Uninsured motorist- This coverage protects your ATV /UTV from hit-and-run accidents as well as uninsured drivers that you might get involved with in the event of an accident.
  • Underinsured motorists- Protects you from drivers with insurance coverage that might not be enough to cover the cost of an accident fully.
  • Medical payments- Personal Injury Protection (PIP) can assist in covering medical costs resulting from an accident even when you were in the wrong.
  • OEM endorsement- Helps ensure that your automobile is repaired with new parts from the original manufacturer, or an equivalent amount disbursed to you if that particular part is not available.

Finding an insurance partner is not enough. It would help if you had a reliable insurance partner who doubles up as a friend. One who can offer guidance on how to go about your insurance affairs without prioritizing their interest at your expense. Honesty and consistency have been our most treasured virtues in our line of business. To experience a unique insurance service, please visit Providence Insurance Agency offices in Arkansas or contact us via our email.